Guy Hart Dyke RIP

Lullingstone Church seen from the Castle gatehouse

Expect the flag to be at half mast today at Lullingstone Castle where the funeral of Guy Hart Dyke is being held at the church in the grounds.

He celebrated his 90th birthday a few days before a peaceful death on Monday 12 February.

The church is St Botolph’s, known as ‘the church on the lawn’, and funeral is at 12.30pm.

The family has requested no flowers and suggested donations to the church instead.

Guy Hart Dyke was living at the Castle in 1969 when he unexpectedly inherited the historic property after his brother Sir Derek Hart Dyke decided to remain in Canada after the death of their father.

The Pilgrims’ Way passes the Lullingstone Castle castle gatehouse which has been the home of the heir Tom.

Tom Hart Dyke is well-kown as a horticulturist and plant hunter who created Lullingstone’s World Garden of Plants. He devised the plan whilst being held hostage by guerrillas in South America.

Guy Hart Dyke is survived by his wife Sarah, son Tom and daughter Anya.

One thought on “Guy Hart Dyke RIP”

  1. So sad to hear of Guy Hart Dyke’s death.
    I was lucky enough to meet him on lot’s of occasions when visiting the house with his wife Sarah.
    Last year on my visit to the World garden, Guy caught up with me on my way back from the garden.
    We talked about it and how it was all coming together and
    I could tell how proud he was of all Tom has achieved.
    He was a very friendly and interesting man.
    RIP. You will be sadly missed!

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