Art marks Southwark’s terror anniversary

Alison Clark in the cathedral

During the first weekend in June many in Southwark will be marking the first anniversary of the fatal terrorist attack on London Bridge and Borough Market.

Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral were closed for a week during a long and careful search of the area.

A total of eight innocent people died in the one night along with the three attackers.

Australian nurse Kirsty Boden from Guy’s Hospital died outside the cathedral.

Cathedral artist in residence Alison Clark has started work on a piece of art for the anniversary.

The theme is Broken Beauty taken from the Japanese art of Kintsugi where ceramics that have been damaged are repaired with gold.

The specially commissioned work, supported by Southwark Council, incorporates prints on taken from the sacristy door damaged in the attack aftermath together with prints from other parts of the Cathedral that show traces of the past.

Gold will be added to the piece as an echo of Kintsugi.

This installation of heavy cloth is to be hung in the retrochoir by Saturday 2 June and will remain until Thursday 14 June.

Pilgrims setting out from Southwark may see Alison at work this week.

Sacristry’s damaged door

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