Murder in the Cathedral at SoutHwark Cathedral

Jasper Britton as Archbishop Becket when the Knights arrive (photo: Richard Hubert Smith)

TS Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral is being performed by Scena Mundi theatre company at Southwark Cathedral this week and two more performances are due next Tuesday and Wednesday.

This is the story of St Thomas Becket’s murder in 1170 at Canterbury. Staging a production at Southwark has resonance for the Archbishop visited the then priory church just two weeks before his dramatic death in his own cathedral.

The 850th anniversary falls next year and this new production will be touring as part of Becket 2020. First stop after Southwark is Guildford Cathedral on Thursday 14 November.

Jasper Britton, who began his stage career at the Old Vic and plays Becket, has commented on the resonance of Southwark Cathedral as the stage although he laments that the once resident cat Doorkins Magnificat cat is not part of this production.

Jasper is the son of veteran actor Tony Britton. The herald is played by Isaac Deayton, son of actor and broadcaster Angus.

See London SE1 for review.

Tickets for Southwark Cathedral performances on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 November at 7.30pm are available from Experience Tickets.

Three of the Women of Canterbury at Southwark (photo: Richard Hubert Smith)

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