Measuring at Southwark Cathedral before Lent

Michelle measures two people in Southwark Cathedral

Artist Michelle Rumney was at Southwark Cathedral on Sunday to measure more people for her Lent art installation.

Bishop Peter Price and actor Timothy West were among the many who were measured to be part of the artwork.

In Medieval times your body (or dead body) could be measured from head to toe with a length of string which would used to make a candle . It would then be lit as prayers were said for your recovery or eternal soul.

This practice was called Measuring to the Saint and Michelle Rumney is using it as inspiration to create the installation.

2020 is St Thomas Becket anniversary year and so the Lent 2020 artwork will explore the idea of pilgrimage and the routes that connect us through the centuries.

The strings will be used in the installation covering the Southwark Cathedral great screen from Ash Wednesday 25 February until Good Friday.

Michelle Rumney gathering the string in Southwark Cathedral

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