Pilgrims’ Way evening at Southwark Cathedral

The Shard, a distant landmark for PW walkers, and Southwark Cathedral’s tower

Southwark Cathedral is having an open evening this Spring for visitors to learn about the Pilgrims’ Way.

This year is the 800th anniversary of St Thomas Becket’s murder and the 850th of his ‘translation’, or his body being moved, to the famous shrine upstairs in Canterbury Cathedral.

It was this shrine which drew thousands to Kent over about 350 years and is again after the Victorians rediscovered the Pilgrims’ Way.

Just three weeks before his death at Christmas 1170 Archbishop Becket came to Southwark. His return home was along what we now call the London to Canterbury Pilgrims’ Way.

The Southwark Cathedral pilgrimage evening, with Gregorian plainsong, candles and incense, is on Friday 6 March.

There will be an illustrated talk at 6pm looking at the route out of Southwark and the main landmarks on the way to Canterbury. Come and learn about it or share your experience.

Afterwards artist Michelle Rumney will be available to discuss her huge Pilgrim artwork which features the road to Canterbury.

For a free ticket to the talk book here.

The cathedral will remain open until 9pm.

The Shard from Shooters Hill eight miles away

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