Southwark Cathedral’s Candlelit evening

Michelle Rumney in front of her installation at Southwark Cathedral

Southwark Cathedral was a lit by candlelight on Friday evening for an ‘after hours’ viewing of the Lenten art work.

Pilgrimage by Michelle Rumney features candles, strings of hundreds of people measured for the artwork and the route of the road from Southwark to Canterbury traced on huge sheets.

Today’s pilgrim road is the one followed by St Thomas Becket in December 1170 when he left Southwark to return to Canterbury and martyrdom.

The huge candles representing St Thomas Becket and eleven recent dead are made to the height of each person.

Draft from the cathedral’s nearby ‘parish door’ is creating dramatic guttering.

The candles are lit each night at 5.30pm to burn during evensong.

Michelle Rumney will be back at Southwark Cathedral on Sunday 15 March at 12.45pm to meet visitors after the 11am Choral Eucharist.

The east end is transformed for Lent
Pilgrimage candles
The strings, sometimes lit by sun in the day, were lit by the candles during the open evening

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