Spur Yard by Peta Bridle

Peta Bridle’s Spur yard etching

The display of Peta Bridle’s dry point etchings in Southwark Cathedral includes an interesting view of Spur Yard before its recent regeneration for a modern hotel.

Spur Yard is one of many old inn yard turnings off Borough High Street. Now it is the entrance to a Premier Inn which may be equally handy for the 2020 pilgrim to Canterbury as the Spur Inn was for one in 1520.

Peta Bridle has been making etchings for the past seven years and, although using a Victorian-syle press, only makes a few prints as each plate is plastic.

Her work reflects her long interest in old Southwark and the river.

The display is in the cathedral’s Lancelot Link.

Spur Yard today with its widened entrance

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