St Catherine’s Chapel cave discovery

The cave is to the east of the tunnel entrance.

A cave has been discovered under the grounds of St Catherine’s Chapel in Surrey.

The chapel is on the Pilgrims’ Way from Winchester and just south of Guildford, between Compton and St Martha’s Hill.

St Catherine’s Chapel was built in 1317 as a chapel of ease for St Nicholas Church in Guildford but is known to have had a huge number of visitors.

The discovery was made following a collapse of railway embankment at the southern entrance to the tunnel under the site.

An archaeology expert has suggested that the cave must pre-date the chapel. The chapel has given its name to the village but the earlier name for the hill was Hill of the Dragons.

“Every effort will be made to preserve elements where possible,” says Network Rail.

The cave entrance
St Catherine’s Chapel looking east towards St Martha’s Hill

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