Rebel Hildegard Von Bingen

A detail from Clare Kormoczy’s portrait of Hildegard Von Bingen.

Joanna Moorhead’s lovely book of Rebel Saints for 21st-century Girls reveals many feisty female saints.

Her choice of forty is inspiring and the illustrations of each one by Clare Kormoczy are delightful.

The inclusion of Hildegard Von Bingen reminds us that St Thomas Becket and Henry II met an equal when they corresponded with her and sort her advice.

She wrote books on medicine and science, founded convents and fought for the right of nuns to control their own finances.

At the age of 60 she set off on a preaching tour of Germany ignoring suggestions that only men should do this.

As the title suggests this is a book written for young girls but older boys and girls and adults are likely to find it rewarding.

**Rebel Saints for 21st-century Girls by Joanna Moorhead with illustrations by Clare Kormoczy is published by Alive Publishing (£14.99).

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