Boxley’s vineyard harvest

The main pilgrim path running through the new vineyard at Boxley.

This month grapes have been harvested for the first time at Boxley.

Vine planting began in the spring of 2019 at the 388 acre Boarley and Abbey Farms to create England’s largest vineyard.

The age old diversion to a parallel path still taken by pilgrims at Boxley, originally to visit the now lost Boxley Abbey, now runs through a vast vineyard.

The surprise vineyard is a welcome improvement and even the path now appears less muddy than in previous times after rain. There is also new clear signage.

The farm has become part of Chapel Down winery of Small Hythe near Tenterden.

Boxley Abbey ran a brewery until the dissolution of the monastery 1537 but may also have had vines as did the monks at Hollingbourne a little further along the Pilgrims’ Way.

The vineyard is behind The King’s Arms in Boxley. The footpath emerges by the telephone box to continue past the church opposite.

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