Lovely Darent Valley posters now available

Eynsford’s viaduct

Arresting posters in the London Transport tradition have been produced to promote travel to PW stations in the Darent Valley.

The posters are by designed by Tim Higginson using scenes by Kit Boyd.

They were commissioned by the Darent Valley Community Rail Partnership which brings together SouthEastern, Thameslink, Community Rail Network, Railtrack and Darent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme to promote local rail travel.

The Eynsford poster shows the viaduct which pilgrims pass under between the village ford and Lullingstone Castle.

The Shoreham picture owes much to artist Samuel Palmer, who roamed the valley’s countryside at night, and includes a reference to the rabbit he met and drew.

Otford is promoted with a delightful interpretation of the famous view across the only roundabout pond to the church and palace.

Posters are being sold at Bat & Ball Station but to register an interest in buying posters online contact the Partnership.

NOTE: The Partnership decided from its formation to use the name Darent for the valley rather than the more confusing Darenth Valley. The River Darent flows through Otford, Shoreham, Lullingstone and Dartford to join the Thames.

Shoreham Bridge includes Palmer’s rabbit.
Otford’s pond, duck house, church and palace

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