Pilgrim village name for Old Kent Road

Wouldham Court from Mina Road with Old Kent Road (right).

Southwark Council has named a new building on the Old Kent Road after a Pilgrims’ Way village.

The residential development, on the corner of Mina Road opposite The Dun Cow, is to be called Wouldham Court.

Canterbury-bound pilgrims, when walking along Tabard Street, already encounter buildings bearing the names of pilgrim villages they will later visit. The Old Kent Road is also part of the ancient trail.

Wouldham village in Kent faces Halling across the River Medway and was reached by ferry. Although pilgrims now use the nearby Peters Bridge they can still pass through Wouldham when visiting Rochester Cathedral.

Southwark Council’s Wouldham Court is providing 17 flats and four three-bedroom houses for local people as well as a new community hall and a commercial space.

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