New low cost pilgrim accommodation

St Katharine’s Church Merstham
Quality Street in Merstham leads to St Katharine’s

Quality Street in Merstham, which has links with the Quality Street play and bow fronted houses as on the sweet tin, is on the Pilgrims’ Way.

Immediately afterwards you cross high over a surprise motorway to St Katharine’s Church which is offering overnight sanctuary in its hall.

This is just one of several places where, thanks to the efforts of the British Pilgrimage Trust, pilgrims can enjoy basic accommodation for a donation. You only need a sleeping bag.

Another village ready with sanctuary is Boughton Lees where a 15th-century building, which a church seventy years ago, is available for a night.

Both venues have lavatory and washing facilities with food nearby.

For contact details along with news of any further sanctuary churches look at the British Pilgrimage Trust website.

But the Trust is making it clear that sanctuary should not be confused with the more luxurious champing being offered by some churches elsewhere although not yet on the Pilgrims’ Way.

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