From Cloud to Washing: Doubt to Suspended

Doubt in Southwark Cathedral

With the hint of warmer weather pilgrims are starting to set out from Southwark Cathedral for Canterbury Cathedral.

Those making the pilgrimage in Lent, that is before the end of this month, will see a huge dark cloud in Southwark Cathedral.

This is the Lent installation by Susie MacMurray which is called Doubt.

It hangs over the choir like a heavy rain cloud.

It could represent your feeling of gloom about the future, about the unknown implications of Brexit or something very personal.

It is there to make you think.

On arriving at Canterbury Cathedral pilgrims will find washing hanging in the nave.

This is another Lenten installation to make us think.

Suspended by Arabella Dorman is comprised of real washing.

The items are refugee clothing retrieved from the Island of Lesbos beaches and the makeshift camps in Calais.

The artist has used special lighting which as it dims is intended to remind the viewer that refugees may be left unseen and in darkness if their situation is forgotten.

Doubt is at Southwark Cathedral until Good Friday but Suspended will remain in Canterbury Cathedral until Wednesday 16 May.

Suspended in Canterbury Cathedral


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