Daffodils at Lesnes Abbey

Windows at the viewpoint across the capital

Lent Lilies, or daffodils, are out at Lesnes Abbey as the garden and woods recover from the snow.

Pilgrims from Southwark pass through Lesnes Abbey on their way from Shooters Hill to Dartford on Day 2.

The Abbey, now an outline of stones, is dedicated to St Thomas Becket.

Tradition holds that the daffodils are descendants of those planted by the Augustinian monks. Although daffodils were brought to Britain by the Romans there is no record of when they first appeared  in the Abbey grounds.

The wood round the Abbey’s south side is also noted for its bluebells which will appear shortly.

The monastic farm site on the west side now has a garden and a cafe counter called Abbey Good Coffee (open Tue-Sun until 4pm in summer).

***Pilgrim parties wishing to book lunch or tea should email: [email protected]

Daffodils on the wooded hill above Lesnes Abbey
Daffodils in the wold
Wednesday’s lunch menu at Lesnes Abbey
Lesnes Abbey garden
Daffodils appearing around the Augustinian monk statue

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