Lesnes Abbey stamping Pilgrim Passports

Abbey Good Coffee

From today you can have your Pilgrim Passport stamped at Lesnes Abbey.

The monastery was opened just eight years after Thomas Becket’s murder by his supporter Richard de Lucy who dedicated it to the martyr Archbishop.

Today its ruins remain in a delightful woodland setting famous for its daffodils which are now appearing.

Passports should be presented at the new Abbey Good Coffee refreshment kiosk in the monastic garden.

Open hours during British Summer Time, staring this weekend, are Tue-Sun 10.30am-4pm.

Lesnes Abbey is between Shooters Hill (Red Lion for stamp) and Dartford and is usually reached on the second day of walking from Southwark.

*** Passports are included in a Pilgrim Pack which are available to walkers for £1 when setting out from Southwark Cathedral; ask in the shop where the first stamp is obtained.

View from the outdoor cafe seats
Lesnes Abbey cloister doorway

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