The golden nest at Southwark Cathedral

Nest seen from the high pavement of London Bridge Approach

Before you set out from Southwark Cathedral on your pilgrimage you may wish sit next to William Shakespeare in the churchyard or say hello to Hodge the cat.

This summer you can also look for a large golden nest made from reflective wire in a plane tree.

You will find the nest by Angela Wright in the Cathedral’s herb garden.

‘Nesting is something we have ‘in common’,’ says Angela. ‘We animals nest to protect us and our ‘eggs’… an enclosure for nurturing families.

‘Nests are architectural in construction and use. Birds may use twigs, weaving them one by one into a sustainable nest; distinctive in design according to species and habitat.

‘There are high rise nests, or those on water’s edge, in a colony inside a hedgerow, or on a cliff face and there are squatters who build no nest at all.

‘Mine is a mental nest.’


The Dean of Southwark, The Very Revd Andrew Nunn, has written a prayer:

Hospitable God,

in whose kingdom trees

the birds nest,

in whose Temple

the sparrow finds a home:

May we dwell in your house,

nestle in your love,

and know you as the God

of open door

and open heart.


Nest seen from the Herb Garden

The Herb Garden is outside the east end of Southwark Cathedral. The nest came also be seen from the high pavement of London Bridge approach.

The installation is part of the London Festival of Architecture.

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