Translation of St Thomas at Canterbury

The shrine site in the Trinity Chapel above the Quire

This year 2023 the Translation of St Thomas of Canterbury, Thomas Becket, falls on Friday 7 July.

The day is the anniversary of St Thomas Becket’s body being moved in 1220 from Canterbury Cathedral‘s crypt to the shrine upstairs in the rebuilt Trinity Chapel at the east end of the cathedral church.

Some pilgrims aim to arrive on this day as it is easier and warmer than the 29 December St Thomas Becket Day.

At 8am the Eucharist will be celebrated at the Altar of the Swordspoint in the Martyrdom, the site of the Archbishop’s murder in December 1170.

There will be another Eucharist (also Anglican) at 12.30pm in the Chapel of Our Lady Undercroft in the crypt.

The Roman Catholic Mass in the cathedral is at 7.30pm followed by light refreshments in the chapter house.

The main ecumenical service, attended by the Cathedral Friends, is Solemn Evensong sung by the lay clerks at 5.30pm followed by a procession to the site of the shrine.

Evensong will be broadcast live on the cathedral website.

Winchester keeps St Swithun’s Day a week later.

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