Purple lavender fields in the Darent Valley

There is briefly a rare aroma along the Darent Valley as fields begin to turn purple.

The first serious colour on England’s largest lavender plantation appeared last week and it will increase day by day until harvesting in mid-month.

Castle Farm, between Lullingstone Castle and Shoreham, only planted lavender in 1998 giving the already beautiful valley a French feel.

But France tends to grow the Lavantin verity whilst Castle Farm also has the Folgate which is appearing first.

Castle Farm’s own unique strong smelling Ladybird follows.

The Pilgrims’ Way runs along the bottom of the purple fields and close to the farm shop across the lane where lavender in many forms and ice cream can be purchased.

All pictures are taken from the path which has been sensitively resurfaced by the Darent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme with help from the final European funding and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Park Field has the early blooms
Cowshed Field colour is following fast
The path carrying the Pilgrims Way has a new surface thanks to final European funding
The far end of the Cowshed Field by the path
The valley has a French feel already with the straight path and line of trees. Look back at the end here for a view of the purple on the valley’s east side
More purple on the east side of the valley

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