St James’s Day 2023: Patron of all pilgrims

St James depicted as a pilgrim

Tuesday 25 July is St James’s Day when many pilgrims aim to have arrived in Santiago de Compostela and enjoyed the eve of feast fireworks.

St James the Great, bother of St John and an Apostle, is the patron of pilgrims everywhere as well as Spain and lost souls.

The only St James’s church on the Pilgrims’ Way is at Shere in Surrey. Inside is displayed a tiny 13th-century Mother & Child which may have fallen from a pilgrim staff.

Did pilgrims to Santiago as well as Canterbury pass through the village on their way to Santiago?

(A little further on the path touches the edge of Abinger Hammer which has an even older church dedicated to St James in the 13th century but it lies on a hill more than a mile away.)

Cicerone Press has a St James’s Day competition open for a week.

St James the Great Church at Shere where the Pilgrims’ Way passes the south door.
St James the Great above St James Garlickhythe in the City of London

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